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Memories Malayalam Movie Review

Review Of The Malayalam Movie ” Memories “

Memories Movie Review

Memories Movie Review

Memories Is Directed By Jeethu Joseph. Memories Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Mia George, Meghana Raj etc. In The Film Memories, Prithviraj Playing the Role of Sam Alex. Memories Is Jeethu Joseph’s Next Movie ater the Mega Hit ” My Boss ” Starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas. Memories Produced by Prakash Damodaran and P. K. Muralidharan.



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9 Responses to "Memories Malayalam Movie Review"

  1. Deepu says:

    if u like a good picture , it will 100% a satsfs u, its a super movie, excellent direction & exicution…….
    all cast are apt fr tht purticlr role…. good liv story. averal super… thnx fr this good picture…..dont miss this gays……………………………………………..

  2. promod says:

    Prithhvi raj ….hats off to u
    Mumbai police and now memories…..level of acting reached its peak

  3. arunonline says:

    My Doubts !
    How did the killer start working in the hospital which is not mentioned in the movie ?
    The first victim was hanged on a canal bridge with his hands tied. The second victim was hanged on a huge tree. And the killer is only one person. LOL … How can he do that without anyones help ?
    And the worst part is that the killing scenes are not shown on the movie.
    The killer face is only shown on the climax – ok, but not apt for a thriller i think so.
    All are saying, this is good thriller. Well, can anyone clear my doubts ?

  4. arunonline says:

    Yes, u said it …. Eventhough if there is no story or no logic , there are brainless people who can enjoy these type. i wont complain the makers for that. its the audience who make logicless movies a success. So saad …..

  5. arunonline says:

    Ofcourse, i agree…. but, as the movie is an investigation, the main plot itself is a blunder. thats why i objected. all have their own taste of movies. but, as the main plot lacks, how can the movie bcome success ?

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